Our Story Begins In Yoga Class…

Hello Everyone!

This is David, the founder of ASEEM and I would love to share my story…

It all started out with an invitation to my first yoga class. I was struggling with some personal issues and I was hesitant, but something pushed me to go.

The yoga teacher began her class with an intention the intention for the class was for forgiveness, I had no Idea how my life would change after that. At the end of the class she had us meditate on our intention of forgiveness and told us to “forgive ourselves.”

At that very moment I forgave myself. I noticed a shift in my being.

She then instructed all of us to give ourselves a final big hug, I had finally experienced and expressed some self-love in my life, and now realize why they have tissue in yoga classes. I felt like the weight I had been carrying for the last 8 years was lifted right off my shoulders.

I decided to dive deeper and take a mediation class and from the practice I learned more about breathing and self-control, I learned how to sit for an hour and control my thoughts.

While in my meditative states I explored manifestation, visualization and connecting to my source.
I decided to apply those things in my next yoga class I attended.

While I was sitting in my yoga class a few days later in the week I started to speak to the universe, and I asked for an Idea that would help me financially survive after my divorce.

I opened my eyes and I saw a guy in front of me sitting on a yoga block with his shirt off and I watched the sweat roll down his back, into his shorts, and then onto the yoga block he was sitting on.

EWWWW! I thought.

In that moment that is when the yoga block cover was created.
I literally saw the product already finished and on everyone’s block in the studio. I had a purpose for the first time, and I told myself I was not going to let it go.

I reached out to a friend and she brought her sewing machine over and we began to sew.

After a few attempts we had our final prototype.

All I needed was someone to manufacturer it, so I began my search in Denver, I wanted to keep it in the US due to the fact I spent time in Asia and I visited a sweat shop and was not supportive of that environment.

I reached out to the universe with my request and once again it was answered. I found a factory on my third visit which is in Northfield, Colorado that would tailor and improve my design.

And that is how the yoga block cover was born.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story of how the practice of yoga and meditation changed my life.

I hope you find value in my product and I hope you find inner peace on your journey!

About Our Name…

Although yoga has long since crossed the borders of India, we wanted to honor its origins. “Aseem” means “limitless” in Hindi which is the most common language in India other than English.

Through the mindfulness David found through yoga, he is focused on the possibilities. He sees the world as limitless and hopes this is the way you will live your life as well.

Without barriers. Truly limitless.

Out of my profound experience with Yoga comes a solution to a problem all yogis face…

Out of my profound experience with Yoga comes a solution to a problem all yogis face…


Say ‘goodbye’ to stressing over germs and ‘hello’ to sharing yoga blocks!

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